Mobile Dust Collector




Mobile Dust Collector Machines
Model MD-400 JP

Mobile Dust Collector Machines is designed primarily for the capture and control of dust, smoke   capacities with optional arrangements are available to handle most industrial applications. Which   and other airborne contaminants emanating from a wide range of production related applications. 
A wide variety of unit possibly include stand/hopper and drum, stand/cyclone and drum,suspended or stand-alone floor mount.
Overall Size (W x L x H)           650 x 650 x 1275 mm.
Air Volume                             400 Cfm
Negative Pressure                   16 inches of water
Motor Blower                          1 HP (0.75kw.)
Volume Damper                      3 or 4 inch
Cartridge Filter                        2 Sets Surface area 4 m²
Reverse Pulse cleaning system
Flexible dust hose                    3 or 4 inch x 10 m.
Timer sequential
Wheel Caster
Dust Bin                                  30 Liters
Power Cable                             5 m.
Pneumatic hose                        8mm. x 5 m.

Power consumption
Power Required                    380 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz / 10A
Compressure Air                   5 Cfm at 7 Bar
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