Single Spindle Type


Model : PS-90/1D
Using the Polishing Machine is a quick and efficient way to get polishing done. 
Remove scratches from your part such as stainless steel, silver, gold etc. and polish to shine and sparkle. 
Model : PS-90/1D  Single Spindle Complete with Dust Collector

Overall Dimension (w  x d x h)      900 x 722 x 1300  mm
Polishing Motor                             0.5 Hp 50 Hz 220 V 2350 Rpm
Work Station                                  1 work station
Viewing Window                           Tempered 
Lighting                                          LED
Electricity                                       Single Phase 220 V 50 Hz
                                                       3 Phase 380 V 50 Hz

Dust Collector
Motor Blower                                   680 W     
Air Flow                                           1930.8 Cfm (3280 m3/h)
Filter Bag                                         1 Set


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