Wet Blast Machines



Model : WB-800
Wet blast machine is designed for blast cleaning of stainless steel parts or components.It can prevent burning spot of stainless steel surface that may occurred in dry blasting process. It has no dust. Using all kind of abrasives such as glass beads, garnet, silicon carbide etc.



Specification for Model WB-800

Overall Size (w x lx h)         800 x 800 x 1672mm. 

Power Required                   380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz +N +G 20 A   

Control Voltage                    24 V DC   

Water Supply                       Inlet Pipe ½ inch , Head 10 meter of water

Compressed Air                   30-40 CFM  at 7 Bar or  5 - 7.5 HP

Air Hose                              ½ inch                

Drain Pipe                           1 ½ - 2 inch

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