Plastic Abrasive


Model : Plastic Abrasive
BIP Plastic Media are mildly abrasive, granular plastic cleaning media suitable for use in 
both dry and wet blasting systems.

The material allows the controlled removal of surface coatings, paint, dirt, flash and burr from a variety of substrates. It is used in applications such as stripping and cleaning vehicle bodies, machine housings, engines, moulds and mould tools as well as deburring and deflashing metal and electronics components. Industries using plastic media include automotive, electronics, aerospace, tyre and rubber, plastic mouldings, trains, civil and marine engineerings.

The mildly abrasive characteristics are relatively low density of plastic media result in minimal effect on substrates and allow soft alloys, plastic composites, glass etc. to be cleaned or stripped without the need to resort to time-consuming and environmentally undersirable solvent/chemical cleaning and or hand cleaning.

Available Grade Sizes
Mesh Micron
12/16 1700-1180
12/20 1700-850
16/20 1180-850
20/30 850-600
20/40 850-425
30/40 600-425
40/60 425-250
60/80 250-180

Indicative Properties
Indicative Properties 0.7 g/m2
Specific Gravity 1.5
Hardness 4.0 Mohs
64-72 Barcol
Operating Temp. Max 175 Degree C.
Explosibility Index 100 KsT value
Ignition Temp. 450 Degree C
Minimum Explosion Concng/l 0.05
Chemical Nature Inert


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