Polycarbonate Blast Media


Model : Polycarbonate Blast Media
Polycarbonate blast media is a special purpose cryogenic blasting media stable even at very low temperatures. Polycarbonate is e extensively used in high speed wheel blast machine for deflashing rubber components like O-Rings, bushings, oil seals, gaskets, syringe stoppers, spark plug boots etc. Polycarbonate is long lasting, non-toxic and non damaging to both the part that is being deflashed and the blasting equipment. It is also very widely used for deflashing thermoset plastic parts and machined intricate diecast components.
Available Grade Sizes
Size Microns
PC 20 500 x 500
PC 30 750 x 750
PC 45 1140 x 1140
PC 60 1500 x 1500
PC 70 1780 x 1780
PC 80 2000 x 2000

Indicative Properties
Specific Gravity 1.2
Hardness (Rockwell) M 70
Operational Temperature -80 to 150 Deg C

Material : Polycarbonate Cryogenic grade
Country of Origin : USA


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