Zinc Shot


Model : Zinc Shot
Zinc Shot is a soft metallic abrasive, used primarily in the die-casting and gravity casting industries for deburring and deflashing of aluminium and zinc alloy casting. Zinc Shot is an ideal abrasive for blasting corrosion resistant steels and non-ferrous products, when the risk of ferrous contamination to the surface cannot be tolerated.

Zinc Shot is manufactured from virtually pure zinc. This enables it to be used in applications where there is a high risk of explosion if an aluminium shot were to be used. This is typically applicable when deflashing aluminium components with aluminium shot. The high volume of dust generated can lead to an explosive atmosphere. Aluminium Shot is approx.10 times more Explosive than Zinc Shot, so the use of Zinc Shot greatly reduces the risk of explosion.

Chemical Composition
Zinc >99.9 %
Lead <0.007 %
Iron <0.005 %
Cadmium < 0.004 %

Physical Properties
Shape Spherical
Hardness (HV) 36-51
Bulk Density (kg/m3) 4,200
Particle S.G. 7.1
Colour Grey

Available Size
Grade mm. micron inch
TZ-4 0.29-0.71 297-710 0.011-0.028
TZ-6 0.35-0.84 350-840 0.013-0.033
TZ-8 0.5-1.0 500-1000 0.019-0.039
TZ-10 0.59-1.0 590-1000 0.02-0.039
TZ-12 0.71-1.41 710-1410 0.028-0.055
TZ-15 1.0-2.0 1000-2000 0.039-0.078
TZ-20 1.41-3.36 1410-3360 0.055-0.13


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