Ceramic Beads


Model : Ceramic Beads
Ceramic Beads are produced by high-temperature electro-fusion of oxides. These blasting media are designed for all other impact surface treatment applications. These material are white in color, spherical in shape and have a very smooth surface. The bead internal structure consists of a compact assembly of a crystalline zirconia network tightly interlocked with the amorphous silica phase.
These materials are unaffected by moisture and do not form lumps; thus they flow easily. Thanks to their high-impact and wear resistance, they resist breakage. They are chemically inert and therefore will not contaminate the surface of the parts.

Industrial Served
Automotive, food industry, stainless steel construction, textile glass .. etc

Chemical Composition
ZrO2 67 %
SiO2 31 %
Others < 3%

Physical Properties
Shape Spherical
- Vickers
- Rockwell equivalent

700 HV1
60 HRC
Density (kg/l) 3.85
Bulk weight (kg/l) 2.3
Colour White

Available Size
Size Microns
B20 600-850
B30 425-600
B40 250-425
B60 125-250
B120 63-125
B125 < to 125
B205 < TO 63

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