Glass Etching Machines



Model : Glass Etching Machines

The Glass Etching cabinet designed specifically for glass etcher who want to be able to etch glass or any other materials that is as small as a coffee mug or as large as a door or window.

The pass threw cabinet is designed for blasting materials that are larger than the cabinet. 
The glass etcher can slide the glass through and stop to blast section by section. 
Two doors on the left and right sides of cabinet hinge open for maximum access to interior of cabinet.
The machine can blast anything from stemware to large glass panels or granite. Kepler can provide any different design that is suitable for your job.


  • Slotted
    The cabinet is slotted at left and right side to allow any work piece that larger than the cabinet
  • Side Doors
    Using both side doors for loading and unloading small work pieces.
  • Roller 
    Helps to slide work piece through the cabinet with ease.
  • Arm Holes 
    Three set of arm holes with gloves give you more comfortable in blasting process.
  • Support Wings 
    Heavy duty steel arms with rollers extended out both sides of cabinet to support long panels.
  • Dust Collector 
    Built-In dust collector ensures that only clean and dust free air is discharged to the atmosphere


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