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Glass Beads are made of hardened spherical soda lime glass and are a multi-faceted and commonly used media. Cost effective, ideal where metal contamination is not allowed, and often used to peen difficult to reach part areas.

chemical property, heat-resisting and corrosion resisting. This sharp angular abrasive is fast cutting and does not contain free silica.It gives a matt finish or produce anchor patterns on most metal surface and can be used economically in closed system blasting machine.

Silicon Carbide is a hardness and sharp abrasive. It is extremely fast-cutting, generating a rough surface finish. Silicon Carbide is produced in electrical internal resistance furnaces from high purity silica sand and petroleum coke.

Code : Tosa Emery Extra
Tosa Emery Extra
TOSA EMERY is composed by Corundum Crystal, Mullite Crystal and other elements and it is artificial emery with high-strength crystal grain that are in artificial alumina class.

Code : Plastic Media
Plastic Media
BIP Plastic Media are mildly abrasive, granular plastic cleaning media suitable for use in
both dry and wet blasting systems.

Code : Polycarbonate Blast Media
Polycarbonate Blast Media
Polycarbonate blast media is a special purpose cryogenic blasting media stable even at very low temperatures. Polycarbonate is e extensively used in high speed wheel blast machine for deflashing rubber components like O-Rings, bushings, oil seals, gaskets, syringe stoppers, spark plug boots etc. Polycarbonate is long lasting, non-toxic and non damaging to both the part that is being deflashed and the blasting equipment. It is also very widely used for deflashing thermoset plastic parts and machined intricate diecast components.

Code : Copper Slag
Copper Slag
Copper Slag is a by-product produced in the manufacturer of copper. Low cost expendable abrasive material suited for open blast cleaning. It does not pose any health hazard compare to the usage of silica sand.

Code : Cut Wire
Stainless Steel Cut Wire/ Aluminium Cut Wire / Copper Cut Wire
Cut Wire is a popular alternative to cast steel abrasives and finds specific niche markets where cast materials do not offer adequate performance. This is particularly true for peening applications where a higher level of abrasive hardness is desirable or when components to be peened have a high level of inherent hardness.

Code : Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot is one of the longest lasting most durable abrasive available.They are widely used for cleaning, deburring , surface-improvement and finishing of aluminium castings of all kinds, zinc pressure die castings, non - ferrous metals and special alloys,stainless steel castings and forgings, apparatus and construction works in stainless steel, concrete and nature stone industry, etc.

Code : Zinc Shot
Zinc Shot
Zinc Shot is a soft metallic abrasive, used primarily in the die-casting and gravity casting industries for deburring and deflashing of aluminium and zinc alloy casting. Zinc Shot is an ideal abrasive for blasting corrosion resistant steels and non-ferrous products, when the risk of ferrous contamination to the surface cannot be tolerated.

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